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Devin Browne

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Devin Browne, founder and chief executive officer of Sports Konnect, received his Bachelor's Degree in Communication & Sports Management with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship at Barry University. As part of the Public Allies Leadership Program in 2008, he graduated from the District 8 class Non-Profit Academy, and is also an alumni of Neighborhood Heroes from Radical Partners Cohort 3 group. Devin saw a need in his community and couldn't turn away from the problems surrounding at-risk and underserved youth. From there, Sports Konnect was born. Sports Konnect now mentors at-risk youth through Sports, Science and Mental Health Awareness across multiple school districts. In the future, Devin plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Non-Profit Management from Colombia University.

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Ryan J. O'Day

Head of Business Development and Fundraising

Ryan O'Day is a New York native who is currently a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Miami. He will be attending the University of Miami Herbert School of Business Administration for a Master of Accounting starting in May 2021. Ryan first gained a sense of leadership in high school on Long Island, New York, where he founded a successful charitable foundation. Today Ryan most enjoys basketball, music, and helping others.


Didier Dominique

Sports Instructor/Coach

Didier Dominique graduated from
Barry University with a Bachelor's in Sports Management and a minor in Business. Although he was
born in Miami, Didier grew up in Haiti and New York, speaking English, French and Creole. He
developed a passion for sports at a young age and his favorite sports are soccer and basketball. He is currently coaching in multiple after-school programs in South Florida. Didier has
also provided training direction, encouragement, motivation, and advice in order to prepare his athletes for games, competitive events, and tours. He has assisted as a judge for the robotics inspection, skills, and teamwork challenge for the company.
While attending Barry University, Didier has gained a tremendous amount of experience working with different companies such as Special Olympics, Chapman Partnership and Little Haiti Optimist Club. He was able to understand how sports work on and off the field, he also gained administrative experience and how to set up different events for the athletes.

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Gabrielle Adelakun

President of the Mental Health Division 

Gabrielle Adelakun was born and raised in Miami-Dade County. Her mother was born in Jamaica and father was born in Nigeria. She joined the US Army Reserves in 2013 and received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in the Spring of 2019 at Florida International University. She joined Sports Konnect because she wants to be a guiding voice to the youth.

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Amir Muhammed

 Head of Sports Division

Amir Muhammad is from Atlanta, Georgia and is currently a graduate student at Barry University seeking to achieve an MBA in business and sports management. Amir has valuable leadership, team building, and work ethic skills gained through team sports. Combined with his ability to work effectively with others, he thrives in diverse environments. He has participated in peer-based leadership development teams, gaining experience in setting and achieving goals, receiving coaching, and coaching others. Amir has also travelled to Amsterdam, Netherlands where he worked in the European Athletics Championship Qualifier for the 2016 Olympics at Rio, Brazil. He assisted the athletes as the player liaison, supporting the players in their daily needs and schedule during competitions. Amir has also, worked alongside current administrative staff at Barry University while acquiring specialized skills in game and event operations in the NCAA Division II athletic program. 

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Claudia Barquero

Chief of Staff

Claudia Barquero was born in Miami to Nicaraguan parents. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Music Business from Full Sail University in 2014. With a sense of purpose, Claudia feels most fulfilled when surrounded by a culture of service dedicated to social and environmental change. Aside from her passion to help out in the community, Claudia enjoys listening to music, watching sports and films, going to art galleries and putting a smile on peoples' faces.

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Enrique Nuñez

VP of the Mental Health Division

Enrique Nuñez is a Cuban-American who is studying to become a future psychiatrist, and has worked with learning-disabled youth as a peer mentor. He looks forward to working with this team on bringing mental health awareness to our schools and to our youth.